• 2024 Membership Fees

    Chamber membership is priced on a 'fair share' formula, based on the number of full-time (or FTE: full-time equivalent) employees in a business or organization, including owners or management staff. In the case of businesses or organizations with multiple locations in markets beyond the St. Thomas & District Chamber's service area, the fees are calculated based on local staff only. Memberships are billed on a 12-month basis and start/renewal dates can be set to any month on mutual agreement. Membership fees are subject to HST and are fully deductible as a business expense.

    Not-For-Profit Agencies, Charities & Government/Public Services

    The Chamber recognizes and supports the work of charities, not-for-profit agencies and government services and offers all such organizations a discount of one-third off our commercial rate.

  • Membership Fees Table
  • Retired/Associate
    1 Representative | $ 115.00

  • Additional Member Listings
    $ 75.00/listing