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  • Events

    Anyone who is employed by a company that is a Member of the Chamber is eligible to attend events. In some cases we will host events offered to the general public, in which case it would be specified in the event description.

    In two words: business comfortable. For our monthly Business After 5 events, it's expected that you wear whatever you wore to work that day. For other events, the dress code will be specified either on the ticket or in the event description.

    Member Services

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, not-for-profit business organization which works to create and retain jobs within the City of St. Thomas, Municipality of Central Elgin and the Township of Southwold. We collaborate, we engage, and we work to adapt to change in our economy. The Chamber is part of the world-wide Chamber of Commerce/Boards of Trade network. Locally, the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce recognizes over 500 businesses and organizations as Members and over 1,300 individuals as voting representatives.

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is financed by the business community alone. Membership fees provide approximately one-third of the Chambers’ revenue. The balance is earned through projects, programs and activities.

    No we do not, please refer to our Privacy Policy for more detailed information on this matter. If you would like a list of our Members, you can search for them in the online business directory.

    Contact the Chamber office by email: mail@stthomaschamber.ca or by phone: 519-631-1981

    Yes you can, this can be sorted out by contacting the Chamber office at mail@stthomaschamber.ca or 519-631-1981 so we can help.

    Please refer to our Staff & Volunteers page for more information.

    Online & Advertising Inquiries

    Being a Member of the Chamber of Commerce gets your business featured in our online business directory, where important contact information and a description of your business is displayed. Further options will present themselves as we continue to develop our website.

    There are many ways to advertise your business through the Chamber. The most notable option is with our weekly email newsletter; Green Mail, boasting over 2000 recipients weekly. To advertise your business with the Chamber, speak with our President & CEO Bob Hammersley.

    If your business or organization is registered as a Member, you can fill out a form form, to request a login. Once created, you'll be able to edit your business information, register for Chamber organized events, and pay existing invoices. These benefits are available free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The Chamber is a specialist in information and communication and has several targeted and focused tools to reach hundreds of local businesses and thousands of people who work in them. Our weekly Green Mail newsletter is an advertising option and reaches over 2,000 inboxes every week. Ask us about a special service for Members called Green Mail Exclusive. Attend our events and do some one-on-one networking. Consider ad opportunities here on the Chamber website. Ask us about the Chamber’s Business Beat section in Elgin This Month magazine.

    Our social media is your social media. Any business or organization that is a Member of the Chamber is welcome to connect to our Facebook Page, our Members-only Facebook Group and to follow us on Twitter. Once linked, Members can post news, announcements and events. Whenever we can, we will share and re-tweet. Hint: It’s hard to guarantee we will see every post 24/7. Sending a note our way to our email will help get the attention you’re looking for.


    Have a question that isn't listed above? Contact us by email or call us at 519-631-1981