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  • 2024 Board of Directors & Staff


    The Chamber's Mission Statement:

    We are The Voice of Business. The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to community prosperity.

    The Chamber's Vision Statement:

    The Chamber will be a leader by providing relevant collaboration, engaging the diverse business community and being adaptable to change in our economy.

  • What We Are What We Are

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary, not-for-profit business organization which works to create and retain jobs within central Elgin County. The Chamber is part of the world-wide Chamber of Commerce/Boards of Trade network. Locally, the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce recognizes over 540 businesses as Members and over 1,200 individuals as voting representatives. The Chamber is a specialist in information and communication, maintaining an extensive library of data about our region & Member-businesses.

    Through membership in the St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce, our Members also benefit directly from our chamber’s membership with the Ontario Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, whose advocacy efforts and initiatives advance public policy issues that are critical to all businesses here in our community and in communities across the country.

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is not a department of government, a civic club, a social service organization, a charitable institution, a private publicity agency, an affiliate of any political party, or a profit-making enterprise.

    Finances Finances

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is financed by the business community alone. Membership fees provide approximately half of the Chamber’s revenue. The balance is earned through projects, programs and activities.

    Click here to review our audited financial statements.

    Strategic Plan Strategic Plan

    The St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually from the Chamber's membership. Our Board oversees a broad range of programs, projects and services provided by the Chamber and the use of personnel and resources. 

    The Chamber's Board sets the general direction of Chamber business and affairs through a Strategic Plan which is reviewed regularly and serves as an outline of our plans and focus over a five-year horizon. A summary of the Chamber's current Strategic Plan can be viewed by clicking here.