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  • Municipality of Central Elgin


    Government Services

    About Us

    The Municipality of Central Elgin serves over 12,000 citizens plus farms and a wide range of businesses and industries in the communities of Port Stanley, Lynhurst, Belmont, Union, Sparta, New Sarum, and the surrounding area with transportation, policing, and fire protection. Licensing, by-law enforcement, planning, waste management, drainage, and recreational services are other services under local jurisdiction through the Municipality.

    Rep/Contact Info

    Dave Baughman
    Ward 5 Councillor
    David Connors
    Ward 4 Councillor
    Michelle Graham
    Ward 1 Councillor
    Morgaine Halpin
    Ward 2 Councillor
    Todd Noble
    Deputy Mayor
    Andrew Sloan
    Norman Watson
    Ward 3 Councillor