• Federal Report Card: We're Giving Them a B

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    August 20, 2019
    It seems every business in Canada has a story about regulations that suffocate their ability to grow. Problems with regulatory burden are nothing new in Canada, in part because the discussion about solutions usually focuses on specific rules. This amounts to trying to manage the symptoms – the red tape – of Canada’s regulatory problems, rather than dealing with the underlying causes.
    A year after our release of Death by 130,000 Cuts: Improving Canada’s Regulatory Competitiveness, we graded the federal government’s response to our regulatory recommendations and have provided additional advice on how to continue improving Canada’s regulatory culture in our recent release of the 2019 Federal Regulatory Report Card.
    Click here to read the full report. Our report card gives an overall grade of B as a reflection of their mixed record over the last year on seven areas.
    Ryan Greer, the author of last year’s report, and this subsequent analysis, states “We feel that where the government has failed the most is in the sincerity of its consultations with business on new regulatory measures. Citing the most notable example in 2019 was the passage of C-69, where the government invited and then ignored substantive industry input on designing a new environmental assessment regime. Our Members regularly question why they invest so much time and effort in consultations when it seems the government wants to use consultations to justify its preferred regulatory approach rather than improve it.”