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    In addition to the Chamber’s daily updates on the status of COVID-19 in our community, today’s message also includes advice and insight from Member Services Representative, Barry Fitzgerald, on the importance of connecting with your bank as soon as possible about your business’s unique financial needs.

    Below is your COVID-19 update for Wednesday, April 1st.

    Community COVID-19 Status

    · Currently, there are 7 confirmed cases in Elgin County. For more information, please visit Southwestern Public Health.
    · St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital continues to enforce a ‘no visitor’ policy.
    · Contact Southwestern Public Health 519.631.9900, Telehealth Ontario 1.866.797.0000 or your physician ‘first’ if you suspect you may have contracted the virus.


    A Note from Barry Fitzgerald, Member Services Representative

    “Over the past two weeks, the Chamber has canvassed the major financial institutions in St. Thomas to get an idea of what their message is to our local business community.

    Their main message is this: regardless of the long telephone wait times, regardless of the slow responses to the oceans of emails that they are receiving daily, regardless of what types of financial instruments you have with your banks and credit unions, if you are having issues they want to hear from you sooner rather than later.

    It has been emphasized to the Chamber that, on a case by case basis, they will do whatever is in their power to assist you to better your situation. Banks provide the backbone of our economic system and we are fortunate in this country to have some of the best managed, resilient financial institutions on the globe. Use them.

    Banking hours have changed, online transactions and meetings are increasingly being encouraged, but the importance of the personal relationship you have with your local bank remains just as important as ever.

    As someone who has personally experienced business failure, I know firsthand the financial and emotional toll that this can cause. As an entrepreneur, however, like many of you reading this, I also know there will come a new day.”

    Barry Fitzgerald
    Member Services Representative
    St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce


    Stay healthy and safe.


    Paul Jenkins
    St. Thomas & District Chamber of Commerce