We are looking for an experienced Property Administer to join our team.

    Job duties include but not limited to:

    Show Properties

    Property administrators are often required to meet with prospective tenants and show them around a property. During the tour, they will answer any questions from the prospective tenants and discuss the application process.

    Collect Fees

    Collecting rent or home owner’s dues (usually on a monthly basis) is a part of almost every property administrator’s job. They ensure all tenants pay their rent in a timely manner, and they may make payment arrangements for those who cannot. If a tenant does not pay, the property administrator may be responsible for sending out an eviction notice.

    Arrange Repairs and Maintenance

    If homes or apartments in a community wish to retain their value, they must be properly maintained. Property administrators are often responsible for ensuring repairs are made, the grass is cut, buildings are painted, and the neighborhood remains aesthetically appealing.

    Handle Tenant Complaints

    Property administrators are usually responsible for resolving minor neighborhood disputes between tenants or neighbors. Most neighborhoods allow tenants to place complaints, which are usually related to noise, garbage, parking, and yard maintenance. Property administrators are expected to resolve these issues in a timely and professional manner.

    Pay Contractors

    Property administrators typically do not handle upkeep themselves. Instead, they hire contractors to cut grass, paint, and perform other maintenance tasks. The property administrator will pay these individuals, and they may have permission to negotiate prices with them.

    We are excited for you to join our team please apply! Please note only qualified candidates will be contacted.

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