• Building Better: A Review & Recommendations on Ontario's Infrastrucrure

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    August 23, 2017
    The Ontario Chamber of Commerce, together with Chamber offices across Ontario, have produced a new report and 8 key recommendations about Ontario’s infrastructure. 
    Our latest report and research is titled Building Better. Our analysis finds that much of Ontario’s infrastructure, including elements here in St. Thomas and across Elgin County, is inadequate to support the needs of a growing and changing province.
    Both Ontario and Canada have suffered through a period of underinvestment. Our biggest challenge is that much of the infrastructure in Ontario was built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Sewer and water systems, roads and bridges, electrical and transit systems and much more are at risk and the current estimated cost of rehabilitation province-wide is estimated at a whopping $19 billion and growing by $3.7 billion annually, not including education facilities and social housing.
    Our new report provides key elements that the Province’s Long-Term Infrastructure Plan (LTIP) should include to enhance the economic return on the province’s future infrastructure investments. The report contains eight recommendations that should be considered by the Province of Ontario as it is developing the LTIP in order to maximize the positive impact to business’ bottom line in Ontario. 

    Click here to view and download our full report.
    Bob Hammersley, President & CEO
    bob@stthomaschamber.ca, 5196311981 x524