• Who Will You Nominate?

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    February 09, 2018
    A Community Celebration of Excellence
    We celebrate success in business and community service every year on the second Wednesday in May with presentation of the Free Enterprise Awards.

    How are the winners selected? That’s up to you. The Chamber welcomes nominations anytime, but we aggressively canvass for nominations in the first 90 days of each year. Presentation of the 2018 Free Enterprise Awards will be made on Wednesday May 9. Nominations are welcome until March 16, in two categories: (1) The Free Enterprise Award of Merit, and (2) The Free Enterprise Master Award.
    The Merit Awards recognize recent or short-term success over the past 12 to 24 months. The Master Awards are generally seen as once-in-a-lifetime honours for career and lifetime accomplishments.
    Both award categories focus on more than business success and require evidence of community service or dedication that goes beyond the bottom line on a financial report.
    Submitting a nomination is not a long or complicated process. We welcome nominations by mail or email. Our Awards & Recognition Committee reviews all submissions and may name up to 3 Merit Award winners and 3 Master Award winners in any year. The committee often recommends past submissions held for future consideration.
    To view or download nomination details just click here.
    Bob Hammersley, President & CEO
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